Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Today's HW (12 Aug)


Pick a video advertisement that uses one of the 12 advertising techniques taught to you during English lessons previously Is the advertising technique effectively used? How?
Appoint someone in your group to present to the class during the next lesson. (Tmr)


Finish WS on the different practicals (Tmr)


Finish all those worksheets you owe Ms Loh (Tmr)


Work on Powerpoint , draft ( Nxt Mon, thru email)


Check that you have done the following before coming for lesson tomorrow. 
1) Final design of the group drawn on 1 A4 size paper. 
2) Working drawing of the final design with dimensions (All dimensions in mm) drawn on A4 size paper.
3) Multimedia plan 
4) Sketchup drawing of the final design.

Note: I just did this because no one else posted.

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