Thursday, 17 July 2014

17 July 2014 HW

English- Revise for Situational Writing ( Tmr)

Maths- Direct Proportion WS pg 1-2 (Tmr)
            Maths Survey (Tmr)

Science- Online Quiz (Nxt Monday)
              Sci Elememts, Mixtures and compounds MCQ (Tmr)

HCL- Newspaper pg 17(Tmr)
           Bring $5 (Tmr)
           成语测验改正 (明天)

ADMT- Journal( Next Tues)

IH- Trade Video (Tmr)

I&E- CPS Report (Nxt monday)

CE- Individual Reflection and Action Plan

Pls comment below if I missed out anything!


  1. I thought Newspaper is due on Next Wed , and IH Trade Video is due on Next Monday?
    Also , please state that CE hwk is due tmr.