Friday, 4 July 2014

Homework for the Weekends

English - Write 3 paragraphs of your topic (with three facts & opinions)

Math - Math Blog Activities (please check) Math Blog
         - Summative Assessment on Thurs
         - Homework 8C

Science - Finish Chem. homework

History - Please try to buy your books in the coming week. The stock is available now. The price of the                book is 5.45, so please purchase them before it runs out of stock.

ADMT - Desktidy Sketchup & Corrections on Perspective Drawing
            - You can check for updates on Edmodo as well

If I have missed out anything comment below
or email me thanks


  1. ADMT- Table Tidy Sketchup, Perspective Drawing Correction

    Maths- HW 8C