Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Today's Homework

Maths: (All due by 10/7/14)
            Data Handling Study Notes pg 6-7
            Check Maths Blog and answer the two discussion questions.
            HW 6A

ADMT: (All due by 9/7/14)
               Correction on Perspective Drawing
               Table Tidy Sketchup

HCL: ( Due on 11/07/14) 
            Workbook pg 27-30 
            Bring $5 for the oral book.

Khairul and Gene to bring Report Book tomorrow.

People who did not hand in EL HW, bring it tomorrow.

Thank you!

(Pls comment below if I missed anything)



  1. maths homework 6A is it the holiday percentage worksheet or did she give a new one today

  2. but chinese we have done page 27-30...

  3. i dun know, thats what teacher wrote on the board