Thursday, 31 July 2014

Today's Homework

Hi this is Melodee using Charlene's computer. I DID MY JOB.

- Finish Corrections and print (by tomorrow)

- Finish Geometry Worksheet 13.1
- 6 Random Presents from Ms Loh

- View iBook
- Toktol Quiz

- Newspaper pg 13

- Lamp Journal
- Production Sketches

- Hand in iBook to Raviraj

Comment below if I have missed out anything

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Today's HW (30 July)`


Prepare for the third paragraph of Situational Writing (Tomorrow)

Corrections of Situational Writing, Pairwork (Print by Fri)


Alternative Assessment (Nxt Mon)

Basic Geometry WS, instructions on class blog ( Tmr )


逗号pg17 (Tmr)


Mark Practice paper (Tmr)

Download iBook (Tmr)


Sketches on Lamp Journal(Tmr)

Group Journal (Nxt Wed)

Construction Plan with lengths (Tmr)


Solution Evaluation (Nxt Mon)

Draft Poster (Nxt Mon)


Draft iBook (to be handed in to Raviraj) (Tomorrow)

Pls comment below if I missed out anything! :)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Today's Homework (29 July)


Basic Geometry WS (Follow Maths Blog) (Tomorrow)

Alternative Assessment (Nxt Mon)


Workbook pg 23-26, 33-34, 41-43 (Tomorrow)

Hardcopy Situational Writing (those never hand in) (Tomorrow)

Remedial Compo (For those in remedial and never hand in) (Tomorrow)


Sci Chem Practice Paper (Fri)


Think of one activities for Situational Writing (Tomorrow)


Lamp Journal, Idea Generation ( Tomorrow)


Solution Evaluation (Nxt Mon)

Draft Poster (Nxt Mon)


Draft iBook (to be handed in to Raviraj) (Tomorrow)

The exams are around the corner. Remember to revise!

Pls comment below if I missed out anything! :)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Bday Party :D

Hey peeps! Remember to bring $3 for class funds :) We will be having the parteeehhhhhh after school :DDDDDDDDD

Friday, 25 July 2014

Today's HW (25 July)


Study Notes pg 17-18 (Nxt Tue)

Alternative Assessment (4/8/14)


Past year Chem paper (Nxt Tue)

KPT HW (Nxt Tue)

Elements, Compounds, Mixtures Quiz (Weekend)


Lamp Journal


Solution Evaluation ( Following Mon)

Draft Poster ( Following Mon)

Post red dot museum ws on i&e blog ( Following Mon)


iBook first draft, to be handed in to Raviraj (Nxt Wed)

iBook final submission (W6)

Pls comment below if I had missed out anything, and have a happy holiday!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Homework for 24/7/14

Homework for 24/7:

- KPT Practical Worksheet

- Math Notes [pg 16,17 + pg18- Q2]
- Math Viva Voce (Due on Monday)

- Chinese Composition (Online)
- Chinese Composition (Written)

I & E:
- Red Dot Museum Worksheet
- Hand up CPS report according to your own due dates

- Hand up Perspective Sketches
- Lamp Journal
- Brainstorm designs to draw for lamp design

Yep. Once again the reminder to start early revision. PLEASE REVISE OKEH.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Today's Homework


Rate Study Notes pg 9-14 ( Due tomorrow)

Alternative Assessment ( Due 4 Aug)

Ratio WS (Due tomorrow)


Kinetic Particle Theory HW ( Due Nxt Mon)

Finish KPT WS (Due tomorrow)

File in everything (Due Fri)


Newspaper pg 17 (Due tomorrow)

Latest Newspaper 造句 (words below) (Due tomorrow)

Bring $5 (Due tomorrow)

Textbook 94&96 (Due tomorrow)


Lamp Journal; add in sketches (Due tomorrow)

Post on edmodo your table tidy (Due today)

Sketchup on Desktidy (Due Fri)

Bring sketchbook containing table tidy ideas (Due tomorrow)


Draft Poster (Due Nxt Mon)

Solution Evaluation (Due Nxt Mon)

Pls comment below if I missed out anything! :)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Homework for 22/7

Homework for the day:

- Finish Kinetic Particle Theory Worksheet                   
- Complete Homework (KPT)                                      

- Read Up "Rate" Chapter in Study Notes [ pg9 -14 ]   {Due: Tomorrow}
- Math Worksheet [Ratio]                                               {Due: Tomorrow}

- Lamp Journal                                                               {Due: Tomorrow}
- Sketches of Desk Tidy to be on Sketch Book

Dear All,
 Our Level Tests are coming up soon. Please start your revision, by reading past exercises, or our textbook and past exam papers. I know this sounds cheesy but you can use ace-learning *inserts laugh-cry emoji* ._. 

Comment below :3

Daily Science Facts (Tuesday)

Daily Science Fact : The oceans contain enough salt to cover all the continents to a depth of nearly 500 feet.

Monday, 21 July 2014

21 July 2014 HW


Study Notes pg 5-8( Tmr)

Alternative Assessment (4 Aug)


Spelling for Chapter 7-8(Tmr)



Pls comment below if I missed out anything! :)

Daily Science Facts (Monday)

Daily Science Facts : The combined length of the roots of a Finnish pine tree is over 30 miles (about 48 km).

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Daily Science Facts (Saturday)

Daily Science Facts : We can produce laser light a million times brighter than sunshine.

Friday, 18 July 2014

18 July HW


Newspaper pg 17 (Due Nxt Tues)


Sci Online Quiz (Due nxt Mon)


Maths Blog Quiz(Due nxt mon)

Maths 6am Quiz (Tmr)

Maths Proportion WS pg 3-4 (nxt mon)


CPS Report (Next Mon)


Individual Reflection and Action Plan (Nxt Mon)

Comment if I missed anything! :)

Daily Science Facts (Friday)

Daily Science Facts : The highest speed ever achieved on a bicycle is 166.94 mph (268.664 km/h), by Fred Rompelberg.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

17 July 2014 HW

English- Revise for Situational Writing ( Tmr)

Maths- Direct Proportion WS pg 1-2 (Tmr)
            Maths Survey (Tmr)

Science- Online Quiz (Nxt Monday)
              Sci Elememts, Mixtures and compounds MCQ (Tmr)

HCL- Newspaper pg 17(Tmr)
           Bring $5 (Tmr)
           成语测验改正 (明天)

ADMT- Journal( Next Tues)

IH- Trade Video (Tmr)

I&E- CPS Report (Nxt monday)

CE- Individual Reflection and Action Plan

Pls comment below if I missed out anything!

Daily Science Facts (Thursday)

Daily Science Facts : Blood sucking hookworms inhabit 700 million people worldwide.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Gentle Reminders!

Please hand in your SDM & IE Forms to Zi Heng tomorrow.
We has passed the given deadline so we need everyone's cooperation ^^

For HCL Students :
1) Correction of WS x3
2) Newspaper pg 17 (Gene forgot to add)


Homework 16 June

Why does no one post homework recently...

-Informal letter writing(El blog)

-Kinetic particle theory-- Finish the worksheet 1A-The java simulation thing

P.S. Get a red file before Miss Tan rages

-CPS-The 10 reasons thing

Not sure


Integrated Humanities
-Presentation-Do your video!

-Self-respect worksheet

And I think thats it, but feel free to drop a comment if you think something is missing!
Finally, revise and work hard- Exams are not that far away, y'know.


Daily Science Facts (Wednesday)

Daily Science Facts : A typical hurricane produces the energy equivalent of 8,000 one megaton bombs.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Homework for today

- Finish Homework Worksheet 6D + 6E
- Math Notes on Stem Leaf Diagram (pg 26)

- Sci Notes (Kinetic Particle Theory pg 2-6)

- Study for the upcoming test (tomorrow)
- Finish up Activity book (if not completed)

- Complete the CPS Report on your topic and submit to Ms Lee via Google Drive Folder

- Finish Video Clip for presentation on next lesson

- Find Location for lamp

Daily Science Facts (Tuesday)

Daily Science Facts : A thimbleful of a neutron star would weigh over 100 million tons.

Monday, 14 July 2014

I&E Datelines

Thank you!

Today's Homework

Maths:( All due tomorrow)

-Pop Quiz 6
- Math Notes pg 16-17, 22-23

Science: (Due tomorrow)

- Sci HW

ADMT: (Due tomorrow)

- Location of lamp

HCL: (Due tomorrow)

- $5 for Oral Book
- Wkbk pg 31-33
- 成语测验

I&E : (Due Next Monday)

- CPS Report

Character Education: (Next Monday)

- Individual Reflection and Action Plan

History : (Due tomorrow)

- Trading in countries in the 19th century.

Please comment below if I miss anything.

Daily Science Facts (Monday)

Daily Science Facts : The risk of being struck by a falling meteorite for a human is one occurrence every 9,300 years.

Note on Daily Homework Posting:
If homework are not posted by:
-7pm for Mondays  and Wednesdays
-5pm for Tuesdays and Fridays
-8.15pm for Thursdays

The alarm will be raised and I will post the homework on behalf on them.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Latest Class Tee design

So this is the latest design. I think we can discuss about it during CE on Monday.

Daily Science Facts (Sunday)

Daily Science Facts: At over 2000 kilometers long, The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Oh Wow

Click the space here underneath this sentence

Daily Science Facts (Saturday)

Daily Science Facts :There are 62,000 miles (99,800 km) of blood vessels in the human body – laid end to end they would circle the earth 2.5 times.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Class Tee!

Hey guys , this is the front and back view of the Class Tee design that I've came up with. There is also some alternative designs for the back so comment which design you prefer or give any suggestions on how I can improve the design.

Homework for 11 July 2014


There is no homework posted , so I will post the homework that I can remember.


Math :
 Complete Homework 6C 
Spreadsheet functions for Mean , Median and Mode

Due on Monday , 14 July 2014

Science :
Complete Pg 16 and 23 of worksheet : "Unit 2:  Elements , Compounds and Mixtures"
Complete Homework : "Unit 2: Elements , Compounds and Mixtures"
Please buy a science file and file it in if you have not done so.

To late science homework submitters: Please complete and submit all due homework to Ms Audrey Tan BY Tuesday , 15 July 2014 . If not , regardless of 3rd language or whatever reason ,  you will stay back to complete your work.

Due on Tuesday , 15 July 2014 as there is no science lesson on Monday , 14 July 2014.

Higher Chinese (S1-03 and S1-04 ONLY)

Complete 中学高级华文活动本 一(上)from Pg 31 to Pg 34 if you have not done so.
Bring $5 for the “逗号”

Due on next HCL lesson, Tuesday , 15 July 2014


Take pictures of where you want the cardboard lamp to be placed.

Due on next ADMT lesson , Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Complete Ibook

Due on T3W6 , 7 August 2014 , which is your MATH level test and is also three days before my birthday :) (submission date)

IH (History):
Complete "Who do you think is the true founder of Singapore?" and email it / scanned copy of written version to

Due on Sunday , 13 July 2014 2359 Hrs 59 mins 59 secs 999 milliseconds.

That's all. Thank you!

Daily Science Facts : Do you know that you cannot swallow and breathe at the same time?

If you can , you will either choke because the water went to the windpipe or will have hiccups because the air went to the esophagus.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Homework for 10 July

This is the homework for today.

Maths- Maths Study Notes pg 8 , 10 (Due : 11/7/14)
            Maths WS 6B (Due : 11/7/14)

HCL- Workbook pg 33-35 (Due : 11/7/14)

           Bring $5 for Oral Book (Due : 13/7/14)

Science- Elements, Compounds and Mixtures WS pg 20-22 (Due : 11/7/14)

I&E- Sign the Red Dot Museum Field Trip Form. (Due : 13/7/14)

History- Document: Who is the founder of Singapore (Due : 11/7/14)

ADMT- Location for your lamp. (Due : 16/7/14)

Pls comment below if I missed out anything.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Homework :D 9th July

Hello.. Im so sorry that Cheryl and Melodee didn't post homework.. Umm here is what i remember...

Math- Data Handling (Pg 6-7)
           Homework 6A

Eng-The 3 paragraphs.... Debate Exopsition

Sci- Finish the Chemistry WS Page 27-29

HCL- WB Pg 27-30 (I understand it has beeen done... But those who have yet to complete do it)

ADMT- Sketchup

IH - Buy History book.... IN Bookshop @$5.45

Class: Report Books.. If you have yet to hand up.. Pass them to the teacher tmr :D ASAP

         Note: The 4x400m Relay Winners, Prize Giving has been postponed till 16th July(Wed)
                   4x 100m is still on Friday

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Today's Homework

Maths: (All due by 10/7/14)
            Data Handling Study Notes pg 6-7
            Check Maths Blog and answer the two discussion questions.
            HW 6A

ADMT: (All due by 9/7/14)
               Correction on Perspective Drawing
               Table Tidy Sketchup

HCL: ( Due on 11/07/14) 
            Workbook pg 27-30 
            Bring $5 for the oral book.

Khairul and Gene to bring Report Book tomorrow.

People who did not hand in EL HW, bring it tomorrow.

Thank you!

(Pls comment below if I missed anything)


Monday, 7 July 2014



This is the newest and latest timetable updated by school on 7th July so please do refer to this timetable.


Friday, 4 July 2014

Homework for the Weekends

English - Write 3 paragraphs of your topic (with three facts & opinions)

Math - Math Blog Activities (please check) Math Blog
         - Summative Assessment on Thurs
         - Homework 8C

Science - Finish Chem. homework

History - Please try to buy your books in the coming week. The stock is available now. The price of the                book is 5.45, so please purchase them before it runs out of stock.

ADMT - Desktidy Sketchup & Corrections on Perspective Drawing
            - You can check for updates on Edmodo as well

If I have missed out anything comment below
or email me thanks

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Homework for the day

English- 3 Opinions and 3 Facts Expositions (Tues)

Maths- Data Handling Study Notes pg 3-5. (Tmr)
            Linear Graph Study Notes pg 29 (Tmr)
            Viva Voce (Tmr)
            Percentage WS (Tmr)

Science- The presentation (Tmr)

Chinese- Copy of passage on 77 for punished students. (Tmr)

ADMT- Correction on  Perspective drawing (Next Thurs)
              Table Tidy Sketchup (Next Thurs)

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Homework 4 tha Day

ADMT - Bring hardcopy of Perspective drawing Tmr
Eng - NIL
Math - 4 questions and the WS given
          Percentage WS
          Viva Voce
HCL - Newspaper report
Sci - If u haven't done the HW do now 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

HW for the day :(

Haissshh.. Tis' the season to do HW :(

aiyoo Got HW LEHHH


EL : Send ur compre(those who need to email)
HCL : Do ur Video :)
Math: The Linear Equalities
SCi:The Hols HW aka 3 Presents and Bio Paper :)