Friday, 14 March 2014

Homework- March Holidays

Eng- NIL

Maths-2 Quizzes on Ace-Learning                                                     Due Date: 21/03/14(next Fri)

Maths- Past Year O'level questions                                                     Due Date: 24/03/14(Aft Holidays)

HCL- Textbook pg 45                                                                        Due date: 24/03/14(Aft Holidays)

IH- Selfie Pic in forest(more info will be sent by Mr Ron Tan)          Due Date: 24/03/14(Aft Holidays)

I&E- Presentation on ALoU and the product                                     Due date: 24/03/14(Aft Holidays)

Science- Finish Sci WS(Through videos posted on site)                    Due Date: 24/03/14(Aft Holidays)

ADMT- Info graphics journal(Until Chapter 1 March Hols)              Due Date: 27/03/14(Aft Holidays)

IRS- Check survey and create one survey per group                           Due Date: Next IRS Lesson

*Remember to finish up ICT HW too!

Hope this format is clearer for you guys.


  1. good job cheryl the homework is very clear and neat. You're so kind!

  2. Great Job Cheryl! Even im reffering to your format XDDD

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