Friday, 7 March 2014

Homework (That I know of)

Maths - Pg 66 and 67 (Next maths lesson, I think Mon?)
ICT - Keynote (By the end of the week
IRS - Survey (Next lesson with Mr Tan)
IH - Degar Montagnards (Sorry, I forgot...)
ADMT - Journal (by today?)

This is what I can remember. Unsure why Mathilda didn't post HW but well, can't blame if she is too stressed or has something going on. Please tell me if something's wrong.

I have a request: Can someone teach me C or Java? (Programming language)

Ooops ZH already posted homework, I posted very closely after him so I didn't know sorry.

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  1. khairul i know java i can teach u but only the very very basics