Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Homework for March 25

Math - Watch The videos                                                      (Due on TMR )

Eng - File check                                                                  (Due on Tmr )

Chi - File perfection (make ur file perfect) Get Parents Sig.        (Due on Tmr )

Sci - Finish WS and The HW (due on MOn)                             (Due on Tmr)

ADMT - Do Your Infographic Journal                             (Due on Next Lesson)

IH - The Mapping Thing (go to the Nearest Nature reserve and Camwhore to the max XD)                                                             (Due on 28th Mar Sat)

S&W - Planning for lessons                                           (Due Tonight)


  1. How do you "Camwhore to the max"?

  2. Oi, no swearing/vulgarity... Why the need to say "Camwhore" when you can say something else?

  3. Mat pls update Physics ws there are two sets. One is worksheet and another one is homework and homework set is due monday Yup ^^