Tuesday, 11 March 2014

T&F meet Sign up.

Hi S1-04,

please sign up for the T&F meet. Its compulsory to sign up for one individual event. The names below are of those who have already signed up. Please do do by Thursday.

Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/a/sst.edu.sg/forms/d/1CUHGy18FU-u-MWPF9f4Au_stye8DD96qTZ8W1J19WFk/viewform

Thank you.

Ms Andrea

Zavier Teo Meng Jun
Raviraj Ramchandra Talgeri
Sean Koh
Quek Gene Yong
Pan Jiang Yu, Ethan
Oh Jia Jun
Joseph Foo Chee Yang
Hew Zi Heng
Aeron Chan Shan Jin
Adam Aiman Bin Izham
Tan You Yi
Tan You Yi
saffron sophia lee
saffron sophia lee
Ngo ee Ying
Melodee Chia
Lim Xin Yi Sammi
Klaudia Oey JIaqi
Dohadwala Alefiya Taher


  1. Ms Andrea I've already submitted but my name is not on the list.

  2. HI Alex, it slipped my mind that you're in B division. Yes, I've received your entry =)