Monday, 28 April 2014

Homework: 28 April

Dear All, its me once again. Im not sure why the homework is not posted even at 5pm, so don't blame me for posting the work even if I'm not the secretary.

EL:  Read Alfaatih's essay and comment on the post            (Due by :Tomorrow)

Math: Finish Math Paper

Sci: Science Physics Paper

I&E : Finish I&E presentation on Keynote


  1. No one will blame you!

  2. Okay, so this is homework on whatever Mel-O's left out.

    ADMT - Shading (Tomorrow)
    Science - Health Science Practice Paper (Tomorrow and Wednesday going through answers)
    EL - Compo corrections (Tomorrow, for all those who haven't finished: Me, Adam and Mathilda)

    And Mathilda, please do your job.

    P.S. for Zi Heng, Please tuck in your shirt. Seriously.

    1. Are you like Zi Heng's mom or something. Just leave him alone. His shirt may come out from time to time. I am sure yours also will come untucked. So just stop. Thanks.

      Anonymous Fighter.

    2. REF: 4/28/2014 7.59pm

      Are you Zi Heng?

      If yes , stop and please tuck in. You should be a role model , since you are a vice-chair.
      If no , then please let Zi Heng know his mistake! Zi Heng ought to change this habit for the better so that he can be a better vice-chair.

      Kind Regards,
      Oh Jia Jun (Mr.)
      S1-0304 HCL Represensative

    3. Again, I would like to emphasise. The way Zi Heng wants to dress is his own choice. His shirt may be far too big for him and it keeps dropping out. Just ignore this and stop.

      Anonymous Fighter.

    4. The way Zi Heng wants to dress, the way out of his vice chairman position it is. Zi Heng has never mentioned anything about his shirt size, and the way the suggestion pops out is if YOU are Zi Heng. He doesn't have any friends too, so I don't think there would be anyone to support him. Unless you are his mom :3

      Do stop remaining Anonymous in the blog. It is annoying.

    5. By saying he has no friends is just rude. Please stop and LEAVE Zi Heng alone. Its just a small issue of shirts.

    6. We ask him to tuck in his shirt is because we are giving him chances for the position of vice-chairman. I would not want to see a vice-chairman being demoted because of a stupid reason such as 'He did not want to tuck in his shirt'.

      Leaving him alone while not reminding him to tuck in his shirt will result him to a school offence. Disciplinary action will be taken. It is our job, as classmates to remind him.

      For more info, feel free to refer to 5.1.4 of the SST Code of Conduct under the 'Attire and Grooming Policy'.

    7. That is agreed. The person, Anonymous, please tell us to show yourself. Most of us are thinking that you are Zi Heng. We stress that you should tell us who you are before we take disciplinary actions.

    8. Well I consider myself as Zi Heng's friend and as a friend I would ask him to tuck in his shirt in a nice way now and then. First of all Khai you could have pm him instead of posting as a comment in this public blog. Secondly Mr Anonymous Fighter , I believe you have to follow rules and regulations. I know that no one can achieve perfection but every can give their best to be as perfect as possible in what they do. Together we can help to change one's bad habits. Thirdly Afiq , it is really rude to say that Zi Heng does not have any friends,which is totally untrue.Just as sometimes you would not get what teachers say , even it is for your own good , after she/he has scolded you , Zi Heng would not get the fact in his mind if you were to shout and scold him for not tugging his shirt in. I do not wish to see this problem being brought up in the future.

    9. Great that this is finally settled!

    10. Dudes. I thought the 14 comments were to commend me sia then its all taking about heng