Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Homework fr 30th April :D

NOTE : Bring a Stapler, Ruler, 2/3 Pens, Correction Tape(Refill if you want), Pencil(if you            want but DO NOT write in one) and an Eraser. Writing paper will be provided

Ok. Homework :

Math- IDK?

Eng- Comprehension Practice

Sci- Revise Revise Revise

- The Science has planned 2 additional classes (optional) for you before your common test. Please attend if you feel you need additional help. (Check You email for Futher details)

Mother Tongue- Hindi- Complete Assessment Book
                      - HCL -Corrections for Quiz 

IH - Compile Chapters 1-9 and Complete the ENTIRE thing ( do remember to add in a glossary . For example.. Chapter 3 to 7 is about Field Work. So in your glossary [which is in alphabetical order] You will state that Field Work is on pages _ to __ )

IRS - iBook.. You can start Doing the other Chapters.


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    1. oh really? mr tan never say whut

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    3. No Need

      Adam Aiman,
      The IH rep

    4. but glossary is at which part like last page or what

      and need too state definition right

  2. Ok can.

    Anonymous Fighter