Friday, 25 April 2014

HW for the Weekend.. Thank U to the Beautiful Cheryl ^^

English: Compo Corrections for Ethan,Gene,Khairul,Adam,Saffron,Mathilda(ME) 
Aeron Do ur  como typing =.=   (Due on 28/4/14)

Maths: Past year paper     (Due Date: 28/4/14)

Worksheet on Factorisation     (Due Date: 28/4/14)  

Science: Hw for topic Moment 

Past year Papers(due MON)

ADMT: Shading and WS 3  (Due onNEXT TUES )

I&E:I&E Presentation   (Due on 30/4/14)

IH:Chapter 6 & 8   (Due on 27/4/14)

Do be reminded to revise for the upcoming Common Test. Good luck to all =3=

Next Tuesday, there is a mock Maths exam. It will commence at 1:50 Be there or be FABULOUS LOL JK.. U better go (^j^)

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