Tuesday, 22 April 2014

HW for 22nd April

Wassup! LOL

ADMT  - Journal  (ONI ADAM) Shading (THu.. Bring or DIE)

IH         - iBook Chap 8.                                             (Due on Im Not Very Sure)

Math     - ?

HCL     - NIL (except the Presentation For those who havent Presented)   

Sci        - Hw Ws (TMR) and The 2 Mock papers(on Mon)  

Eng      -File Must Be PUUURRR Fect        (Tommorrow)

IRS     - iBook Chapters 1&2                     (Next Week  )


  1. Its WAZZZZZZZZZAAAAP! If you watched "Thats my son."

  2. Mat, the physics mock paper is due next monday, and bio mock paper is next tues..