Friday, 23 May 2014

East Coast Park

Hi guys :D

East Coast Park <<Celebration of March, April, May and June Bdays >>

As you all know, we will be having a bday celebration at East Coast Park. If you cannot come for even 1h, please email me/ alfaatih.

Venue: East Coast Park. Take note. We've changed it to Area C, Pit 7.

Date: 6th June

Time: Anytime from 9am until 6pm. You may leave earlier if you have something going on but please do make sure that you inform me or alfaatih before leaving.

Things to bring: Your wallet, phone and stuff. If you can bring some extra stuff like marshmallows or potato chips that would be great ! ^^ Oh, and Zavier, bring your frisbee.

1) BBQ !!!
3) Catching?
4) Do you guys want to play ball games?
5) Cycling (You can bring your own or rent a bike using your OWN money)