Tuesday, 20 May 2014

HomeWork for the Day

Sorry For the Late Post :(

Science - Three Different WS given out on Friday(Aft June Holidays)
           Filing ( Optional)     

Math- Percentage( Aft June Holidays
          Survey on Our Thoughts Aft Common Test (Tonight)
       FILE ( !!!!) super Super important
English- The Annotations of A Wiki Page (Not tmr so Maybe.. Aft Hols?)

HCL- Passport (if you want to)
           File ( By Friday)
       Compo on Beef Noodles ( End of Hols)        Comics Strip ( Tmr)

Yours Truly (I'm writing a Serious Letter :> )

1 comment:

  1. There is still the worksheet for the English. Sci File is not optional. It is better for you all to revise for your exams and I think Ms Tan might collect it. By the way, when do we hand up the Sketchup Model and how?