Thursday, 8 May 2014

Homework for 8th May

1) Math - Percentage Notes and Homework (Due after June Hols)

2) Read the BBC magazines and remember to bring the 2 BBC magazines everyday  until Ms Alex tells you all to stop bringing it.

3) HCL- Plan out how you want to rewrite the story of the 一碗牛肉面。(Due tmr)
Photo by:Charlene 

And Alefiya, Raviraj and Afiq - Remember to put your final IH iBook into your IH folder.

Comment below if I missed out anything :)


  1. Thanks Sammi, I wonder what is the secretary doing...

    1. Why does it always seem like Cheryl is going after our secretary...
      Not to be rude or anything but still...

    2. Yeah, agree with Harith