Monday, 19 May 2014

HomeWork for the Day


Science - Three Different WS given out on Friday(Aft June Holidays)
                Rest Of the Energy Worksheet (the one we do in Class)

Math- Percentage( Aft June Holidays
          Survey on Our Thoughts Aft Common Test ( Tues Night/Today will be best)

English- The Annotations of A Wiki Page (Tommorrow)

HCL- Passport (if you want to)
           File ( By Friday)
        Comics Strip ( Tmr)

TAKE NOTE : Tommorrow Is Photo Taking So be Sure to Be Properly Attired and Punctual

The EXCO would Appreciate it a lot if The class could Sit Quietly in Twos  Please Refrain from making to much noise as the Upper Sec are still having their Lessons :) Thank You

Yours Truly (I'm writing a Serious Letter :> )


  1. Mr Tan did told be personally that strictly no games were allowed... so Mathilda getting them in 2s isn't enough...