Thursday, 20 February 2014

20 February Homework

Math- Level Test WS, the Revision WSs And VIva VOce (by TMR) 

Eng- StoryBird

Higher Chi- the Textbook bring purple file and Chinese dictionary

IH- WS on Deforestation :)

IRS- Research

ADMT-Finalise the Journal

Sci- Do the Sketchup thing

ICT - CCA brochure (share by ThiS evening)

CE - Skit (group A Tmr)

TAKE NOTE: ALL BRing foolscap and Stapler and pen TMr

BTW Alfaatih Go get a blue File


  1. Mathilda can you be more specific about the homework next time (like write which pages you must do for HCL textbook)... It's a just a suggestion so improve yourself. :D