Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Homework for 12th Feb

First, I would like to wish Charlene and Harith "Happy Birthday! :) :D".This also brings to the EXCO's attention that we have yet to plan the February Birthday party  Below i the comments, February Babies pls State The days you are not free and the flavour of cake that you would like (we will buy frm the school cafe)n

HoMeWoRk FoR ThE dAy

Sci - Prepare for test tmr 

Math -  it WAS FREE TIME (Ms. Goh Rockz)

Attention: Ms Goh will be having her last lesson with us Tomorrow. We will have a mini Byebye Partay... Bring gifts if u wan :)

Eng - Alternative Assessment Tomorrow 
       - Week 7- Level Test
  • Do draft 2 of your Essay

Higher Chi -  NIL

Malay - Do corrections and Performance Task
            - Bring Dictionary

IH - Prepare for our Debate 

Take Note : 


  1. LOLOL
    I think 20 if thats not a weekend :/

  2. May I ask if the EL Hw is printed out or written on paper?

  3. Tuesday not available.
    Wednesday can stay back a while, Monday and Thursday confirm available
    Friday probably can...

    1. Actually Thursday just a while, same as Wednesday, sorry for the inconvenience. I don't mind what flavour it is I guess.

  4. Oh and thanks for the birthday wish!

  5. MATHILDA!!!!!!you forgot to tell everyone that Miss Goh is leaving tomorrow.

  6. supposed to do this welfare stuff ._.

  7. Mathilda i wednesday thursday friday not free

  8. mathilda, remember to also remind everyone to sign the sexuality program form :D

  9. Morning Assembly arrangement on 13 February 2014 (Thursday)
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    Dear Students

    Tomorrow's Morning Assembly will be held in the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH).

    Please report to the MPH punctually for the morning assembly.
    Thank you.

  10. Where is the IRS? Where is the ADMT?