Monday, 10 February 2014

Homework For 10th Feb

HoMeWorK For ThE dAy

Sci - Finish Digestion Worksheet and the Homework (hand Up tmr)

Math - Do Pg 43 and 44 of NOtes On foolscap :)

Eng - Alternative Assessment (Week 6 , Thursday)
       - Week 7- Level Test
  • Do ur stories (Introduction - hooks) or (Conclusion - Memorable, leaving long lasting impression)
  • Embed Ur Slide onto EL Blog

Higher Chi -  Level Test On the 28th 
  • Do the Situational Writing. Hand up on Wed
Malay - Bring Dictionary and  Do Your Performance tasks

IH - Finish Up your Group presentation

I&E - Do your Respective Group Assignments

ADMT - Finish up Your Journal

CE - 

Take Note :
Those who have yet to Hand up their Report Book Pass to any one of The form Teachers Tmr


  1. I feel like something is missing, but I'm not sure...

  2. CE we have to do something to do something right? I don't remember. Please tell if any one of you know:)

  3. Also, do the Transport In Humans Science worksheet.

    1. Isn't that the digestion worksheet that she wrote ?

  4. May I ask who are in group A, Group B and Group C. So the we can do the script as soon as possible. Thanks.

  5. MATHILDA! Emergency! There's a new homework on the English blog! Quick! Post about it!

    1. I made a post already, don't worry