Friday, 7 February 2014

Homework for 7th to 9th Feb

Homework for tha weekend… :’(

Sci - Go to The Sci Blog and finish up  the worksheet 

Math - 

Eng - Alternative Assessment (Week 6 , Thursday)
       - Week 7- Level Test
  • Do ur stories (Introduction - hooks) or (Conclusion - Memorable, leaving long lasting impression)
  • Embed Ur Slide onto EL Blog

Chi -  Level Test On the 28th 
  • Do the Situational Writing. 
Malay - Bring Dictionary and  Do Your Performance tasks

IH - Complete the whole chapter of Tropical Rainforests (should be ready for Submission)

Design a Poster with your given Value in your grps

Take Note : 


  1. What are the options for the higher Chinese newspaper thing?

  2. Also for ADMT, enhance the LOGO SEA Games design and also work on the Google Drives 'Journal'.

    1. The 'Journal' is the ADMT google drives thing

  3. The chinese situational writing write/type where?