Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Homework for the 26th of Feb

Eng - Mindmap
          To Bring Tmr
           1)Vocabulary Book 
           2) LD
           3)iThink Magazine
           Inform the Teacher in Period 1 to lock the door
           Proceed to the Library to meet ms Manju
           Saffron/Afiq update Ms Manju on attendance and The task for the day
           Greet Ms Manju, Take a seat and do allocated work QUIETLY
Math - pg 61 - 62

Sci    - Sketchup when its your turn Pls check every few hrs for your turn

ICT  - Had up ur brochure in Pdf  (By Today)

ADMt - Section 3 of journal (the 10 Logos)

HCL - Compo if U want to do


  1. Science- Post the sketchup file on the health Science Blog when it is your turn.

  2. HCL - Do the composition IF you want

  3. Mathilly, please stop the Pusheen. I support it, but it isn't formal.

    1. I was bored.. The posting of homework is never amusing..

    2. Mat, continue with pusheen, it brightens up the post.