Friday, 14 February 2014

Total Defence Day 2014



    1. They will be able to help to put out fires and attend to minor injuries such as burns and cuts. They can also save people who are trapped in the buildings with the proper equipment

    2. We should be more vigilant to potential hazards such as fires and ensure the safety of people

    3. You Yi's Group -
      Points :
      ~ Even a little impact made by one person can help.
      e.g. In the fire, if even one person had helped, at least a live could been saved.

      ~First Aid can come in handy in such situations when many people was injured.
      e.g. If an injured person is unconscious, first aid can be used to awake him.

  2. Replies
    1. You Yi's Group -
      Points :
      ~We should not be racist.
      e.g. Look down on a different race other than yours because of culture reasons.

      ~We should respect other religions belief and celebrate their events together
      e.g. On Chinese New Year, all races can celebrate together instead of only Chinese.

      ~We should communicate with other races and not with our own only.
      e.g. In school, Chinese should talk to malay, indians and other races rather than speaking to only Chinese.

    2. We should not encourage racism and we should respect the other races' like how we should treat ourselves. We should also constantly treat everyone equally so there would be no prejudice.

    3. We must be sensitive to each other's race, religion and any differences. We must make sure that we are careful with what we say. We should also make friends with people from other backgrounds.


    1. It was created to the give people homes when Singapore faced housing shortage

    2. You Yi's Group -
      ~ HDB policy provided more space for foreigners to enter Singapore and more people can get engaged with not only their race, but with other races.
      e.g. A Chinese can have a Eurasian neighbour and they can chat about their culture. Both benefited and learnt from each other.

      ~With HDB policy, all races in Singapore each has a representative quota of homes.
      e.g. Everyone is equal and there is no racism.

    3. In HDBs, all races live together, so there would be racial harmony between all the races, by introducing the EIP and that they must live together in the HDB.


    1. We will have many tourists that will come into the airport a few hours before checking in and will shop at the airport's many terminals (that will be constantly upgraded to make way for new shops).

    2. When tourists come to Singapore or transfer flights, they will spend money at the Singapore Changi Airport which will help boost our economy

    3. It is one of the ways to boost the tourism sector in Singapore to improve the economy


    1. It is important because the acts of terrorism will cause havoc in Singapore. Normally, the terrorists will bomb public places or important places in Singapore and will kill a a lot of civilians or important people.

    2. Innocent lives will be taken if the Singaporeans had not discovered the plot to bomb Yishun MRT. If not for the vigilance of our people, Singapore would no longer be a safe country. This will impact our economy.

    3. Terrorism may happen any time and many innocent lives will be lost, so we should be vigilant and look out for any suspicious looking people or article please report to the police.

  6. Replies
    1. This is social & psychological defence.
      Miss Andrea Lim, the patient at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Remembered the dedication of the nurses, who spent long hours nursing her back to health. Mr Hannith Mahbob picked up healthcare workers when they were rejected by other cabbies because they were afraid of getting SARS from em'.

    2. Civil defence:
      Everyone helped one another during the SARS outbreak, like the nurses in the Tan Tock Seng hospital worked long hours to nurse patients back to health.

    3. Social Defence. Nurses and doctors risked their lives trying to cure the patients infected with SARs. Taxi driver Mr Haniff Mahbob picked up healthcare workers when they were turned away by other cabbies.
      These people were selfless and without them, Singapore would not have overcome the SARs outbreak.

  7. Replies
    1. Singapore can have savings and a stable market. Instead of spending all on the country, Singapore can save part of them up. Also, the government should keep the inflation rates as low as possible, so that the savings won't become worthless.

    2. Answer:
      We could be more meticulous about our spendings and try to save more for a rainy ol' day. And also, create budgets.

    3. We can be frugal and spend as little money as possible and not buy designer products that costs a lot of money. We citizens also can save up our monthly salary for a rainy day(Financial crisis).

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    1. To be socially responsible means that people should look out for one another, care for one another and care for society.

    2. We have to be aware of other people around us, not just our family and friends. If we do not help each other as a nation, there would be no sense of unity, and the enemy can just gas-bomb Singapore to cripple its system.

    3. Answer:
      We need to think of others and consider our own actions. We should also think ahead and prepare things for the unexpected.

  9. Replies
    1. Comment and Reflect on the following:
      • What did you learn from the lesson?
      • What new opportunities can you explore so as to better participate
      in civil defence?
      • As a classmate/CCA member/student leader, reflect on how you
      can promote social defence in school.
      • How will you apply what you have learnt during a potentially
      challenging/crisis situation that Singapore might encounter in the

    2. I learnt the importance of protecting and defending our young nation.
      We can actually go online and read what others had done to protect our nation and follow our footsteps. To promote social defence, we could come out with a poster / skit /video recording / advertisment.
      We could be prepared for the unexpected in the future.

    3. - I have learnt that everyone plays a part even if the role is small.
      - I shall make the environment friendlier and I shall protest against racism.
      - People whom are sexist or who think racism, I shall approach them and tell them to step out of their narrow-mindedness and start to make friends with their opposite gender or another race.
      -If my school caughts fire, I as a vice-chairman will head count the class and ensure that everyone is present. If one or more is not around, I shall immediately report to the teachers or any authorized adults in the school which is the nearest to me.

    4. I learnt that we need to defend our country to keep ourselves safe.
      I can be more vigilant.
      I can help stop bullying and I can also help my classmates if they do not understand their work.
      I will try taking care of my younger brothers to keep them safe from harm.

    5. 1. I learnt about the importance of having total defence
      2. What I don't understand this
      3. I can advise them to be more vigilant of their surroundings and excercise the safety "stuff" (protocols? Unsure...)
      4. I can use this knowledge to try and help Singapore by excercising the safety "stuff" again

    6. I have learnt about the different ways to support Singapore when in times of crisis.
      We should participate in bonding activities and be understanding with each other.
      As a student, I can promote social defence by being close to everyone and support our friends and family in times of need and we should not have prejudice against others.
      I will learn to be vigilant and aware of my surroundings and learn to uphold strong bonds with others.

    7. I learned to be more vigilant to hazards and threats in Singapore
      I can wait and train for national service
      I can take pictures depicting the five pillars of defence and go for total defence photography competitions
      I will try to call the emergency services as soon as possible when they are needed

    8. I learnt about the many significant events in Singapore, past and present. I can explore by helping those in need by standing up for others when they are too scared to do so. I can make as many friends as I can in school, helping them form bonds with others. I can learn from other events that have happened in Singapore, how it could have been prevented, ow could it have been stopped.

    9. - everyone has a part to play.
      - we can read up about Singapore history
      -i can set an example and not be racist and accept everyone regardless of race.
      - i will try to contribute in any way i can to improve the situation, we should think about past situations and think about how to improve the current one based on what we learnt

    10. -i learnt that without the vigilance of my fellow Singaporeans a lot of innocence live would have been lost.
      -I can be more vigilant
      -I can help my friends who have been hurt
      -I would stay calm and try to think of a solution

    11. 1. We should learn to accept each other's different backgrounds and also we should be aware on what is happening in Singapore and around the world, so we can be prepared to face any crisis and to protect Singapore from any harm.
      2. We can take part in Total Defence activities to raise our awareness of the current situation of Singapore and the world. NS can also help us do so, especially since it is related to serving our country.
      3. We can raise awareness of how important Total Defence Day is and what it signifies and reminds us. We can also encourage other people to take part in Total Defence activities
      4. We must always be prepared to face any crisis and we must always have a Plan B, and, if necessary, a Plan C. We must always be prepared to face any crisis and to make sure we defend Singapore.

    12. I learnt that during a Singapore crisis, we need to help one another using the five pillars of Total Defence, Military Defence, Social Defence, Psychological Defence, Economical Defence and Civil Defence.
      I can be more vigilant and create bonds with one another to support one another in times of crisis. I can promote social defence by creating posters on Social Defence. I will be vigilant and help my family to be safe by helping one another in the crisis. I will also not panic and be calm so I will not do anything wrong and endanger someone or myself.

    13. I learnt some info about some events that happened in S'pore.
      I can learn first aid and teach others
      I can build strong bonds so as to help one another in time of crisis.
      I will be prepared.

    14. I have learnt that Total Defence is very important as it is required to overcome the challenges that Singapore faces. To promote social defence, we can create videos/ posters/presentations on Social Defence. By learning about Total Defence, we can prepare ourselves for unexpected challenges fced by Singapore. To better participate in civil defence, we can research on the topic online or by reading books/newspapers.

    15. 1. I learned that there had been many measures to prevent friction between the races.
      2. I can do volunteer work so that I can meet new people and spread the word about civil defence.
      3. I can tell my classmates about social defence and tell them to have racial harmony between each other.
      4. If there are any racial fights (hopefully not), I can help to break them up if I can and educate them about social defence.

    16. I learnt that we should stand together as a country during
      We should know each other better and have racial harmony in class. We could be better prepared when there is a emergency

    17. I learnt that Total Defence is important and everyone plays a part to make Singapore a better place.
      I can take part in first aid and build a strong bond with people,helping out those that are in need.
      I can teach people how to be friendly,different type of handshakes,jokes.
      I can be prepared and be willing to help out with other people

    18. I learnt about the Importance of social defence
      Learn about first aid through various means.
      Respect other races,make posters etc.
      I could,for example, set up a shelter with other people who have the knowledge of first aid to treat the injured.

    19. Singapore has overcomed many Obstacles (Such as SARs) by implementing the 5 Pillars of Defence.
      We can ensure that our home is prepared for fires, and that our family and friends
      I can stregthen my bonds with my friends and not make enemies
      I will do my best to help and do whatever I can to improve the Situation

  10. I learnt the different pillars of total defence and how is it related to real-time situations.
    I could be more considerate and helpful when outside.
    I could learn more about my friends or make more friends and support them whenever they are in need.
    I will take good care of my family members and always be ready for anything.

  11. I learnt how we could do our parts as Singaporeans in some of the major happenings that have happened so far and also ones that may come in the future.

    I can help to solve conflicts between one another - try to reason with them, let both know what either parties feel about the case.

    Simple. Just follow all those save the world things from government lor.

  12. I learnt about budgeting, saving, a lot of general knowledge and to go against racism.
    I can research about it educate people including my family members about the different sirens let off during crisis and what to do when they hear it
    I should create posters about total defence
    I will listen properly to the sirens and respond to it in the proper way etc.
    Thank You For Your Attention

  13. I've learnt that going for NS is not a waste of time and effort as we are going to train as soldiers to protect our country in case of civil war.
    We can ask our teachers and also read up about it more on internet.
    I have a lot of friends in school who are different race , religion or language from mine and I learn to befriend with them regardless of their background.
    I can be prepared for the challenging or crisis situation that Singapore might encounter in the future.

  14. I learned about the different events that lead to the 5 pillars of Total Defence and how we can overcome them.
    We can go to the Old Ford Factory to see firefighting heroes on Civil Defence day.I can give out flyers.I will respond properly such as not panicking and tuning in to the radio