Friday, 14 February 2014


- CL Compo
- Study CL TB 第三课's words and phrases -- Test on Tuesday!
- If you haven't, submit your Performance Task's script to Mr Tan

- Viva Voce

- SC WS pg 4 - 5
- SC Hmk

- Performance Task

- I&E Popplet
- IRS Research
- ADMT Digitllize your newest logo design and post on Edmodo
- CE Skit
- IH Debate

Skit Info
Prepare a skit or presentation that demonstrates all the Cs within the domain. 
- Task question: Come up with a skit where all the 3/4 Cs are demonstrated.
The scenario should be in a school setting. The skit should not take more than 15 minutes. 

Group A (17 Feb) - Intellectual Competency (Critical thinking, creative thinking, intellectual curiosity)
Group B (21 Feb) - Personal Competencies (Confidence, courage, commitment)
Group C (24 Feb) - Inter-personal Competencies (collaborative skills, cross-cultural understanding, communication and citizenship)


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    1. each group was given a subject, make a popplet explaining the topic

  2. GOSHH
    THANK YOU SO MUCH ZIHENG :) I was at CCA :( I thiink every monday... i might need you to do

    Anyways... Thank you very very very very MUCHHHH

    You are the Best co-secretary EVER

    1. Mat, its not an excuse you ask Zi Heng to do you know =3=,
      Remember he has CCAs' too... Do Not EVER Ditch your work Again, OK? I'll keep reminding you. I would suggest you post homework RIGHT AFTER school ends. Is that ok? It won't take more than 10 min right? *^* Please, mat, be RESPONSIBLE, OK?

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    3. YY please remember Mathilda is already under a lot of pressure. If she needs a co-secretary then tell her to ask someone to volunteer. But it is still your job Mathilda. If you need help talk to Ms Andrea and if you REALLY need help then ask Ms Andrea if you can "hire" a co-secretary.

    4. I know khairul, but sometimes its like that, I guess :P

    5. Khairul... Thank you for understanding.. i will ask ms andrea if i do need the help (which i guess i do)

    6. Hi guys, we can definitely bring this matter up in class with regards to having a co-secretary or finding ways to cope with the additional stress of being a Secretary =) Hang in there Mathilda, and try your best. Talk to us if you need some guidance..

  3. HZH, Put in GY (sexuality program) and english "Finding the character of Adeline & Niang" THANKS :D

  4. Note that leaving comments here trying to ask me questions is not really going to work out -- I prefer u email me instead. thx!