Monday, 6 January 2014

Day 3 Refelections

The last day of Orientation ended with a fun time. I must say, it was a fun day, even though my class cam in fifth. Teamwork was needed for today’s activities, but other than that, there was also patience.

When I was at the blow-the-ping-pong-ball activity, I realised that patience was the key to blow the ping pong ball into the target. Brute force won’t help; the ball would just go out of the bowls. Instead, you have to patiently “guide” the ball to its desired location.

This game can also be applied to our lives. When we meet our juniors or want to raise our children, we have to patiently guide them along so that they can grasp all the information and understand what we teach them. If we rush, they might feel pressurised and not be able to learn or accomplish anything at all. And thus we should learn how to be patient.

Finally, teamwork. In life, we cannot do everything individually. Humans have evolved to care and support for one another, and we need that care and support as well. If we insist on doing everything by ourselves, we will end up with something not as good as compared to doing something with other people.

The orientation have been a fun 3 days and I have learnt a lot from it. I look forward to school tomorrow and hope that the I will learn more things in rest of my years in SST. :)

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