Friday, 17 January 2014

Pupils who have not completed the Survey

Dear S1-04,
I have not received the survey responses from some of you. Please check the list if you have submitted the survey or not.

Those who have not submitted the Survey, ranked by index number are:

Index Number 8: REESA CHUA (
Index Number 22: QUEK GENE YONG (

Please complete try to complete the survey BY This Sunday.

I have resent the survey links to the students above.

Thank you for your kind attention, Visitors of the S1-04 Class Blog.

Jia Jun

Feel that you have submitted the survey, but I still included your name above? Please contact me via email for enquires.


  1. i completed the survey
    but they say i neva

  2. I'm sorry.
    After I checked, I have removed names of people who have completed the survey.
    The reason why your name is inside before that is because you completed the survey after a day when I posted the survey. The responses was in a different place and I had to track it out.