Monday, 6 January 2014

Day 3 reflection

I really enjoyed today amazing raze even though i was so soapy. It taught me that whatever you do you must always follow the rules, which i honestly broke for the flip the cup game.We have to work as a team to complete a certain game.Even though we only manage to get 5th (hey top 5 man) place for the orientation, i have learnt a lot! These three days of orientation helped bond together with my new friends.Oh andTHANK YOU PSLS being great teachers who had teach us many important things in life like planning,sportsmanship and made orientation meaningful. :D


  1. I really enjoyed today's activities . It was fun and engaging helping us to build stronger bonds with classmates. I am happy that I know almost everybody in my class. I also learnt about about teamwork in all the games And leadership as so needs to stand out and lead the class . Last of all I'd like to thank the PSL for all they did for us.

  2. I loved the amazing race as there were parts when it was really funny when my fellow classmates turned really soapy and wet in a few games. I think my class and I had really fun during the games. I want to thank all 3 of my PEER SUPPORT LEADERS for guiding us through all 3 days of orientation and teaching us many of the core values. Thank you.;)