Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Homework for Tuesday

Email me @ oh_jia_jun@s2014.sst.edu.sg if there is a problem, like you cannot view it, or you don't understand it well.

1)Finish Reading "Chinese Cinderella." There will be a quiz tomorrow.
2)Put the notes that you have copied into your English file.
3)Complete the comment on "Personification", and show the breathing spots for the poem "Silver".

1)Complete page 18, Questions 10 and 11 of the math notes. You MUST write on your lecture pad / foolscap paper.

2) There will be a Math test tomorrow on the whole of chapter 1(Prime numbers,HCF,LCM,square root and cube root).

1)Complete presentation on either Cancer, specalised cells, the origin of cells and stem cells, according to the one your group has chosen.

2)Complete the cell model in hardcopy and you MUST submit it to Ms Kassandra Lim on Thursday.

Next  House (Green house), please prepare the stretches.

Do a Research of logo designs, in general.

Higher Chinese Language(S1-04):
Complete Page 2 of textbook.

Integrated Humanities and Interdisciplinary Research Studies:

1)Complete the Word Document that the leader has created, and remember to make the questions better.

Other Subjects:

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