Friday, 10 January 2014

Important Details for the 10th of January, 2014 (Friday)

1)Higher Mother Tongue Pupils :Complete Page 2.
2) Complete Page 6 and 7 of the Cells Worksheet for Science.
3)Complete Integrated Humanities eJournal, if you had not done so.
4)Complete Question 3 and 4 on Page 10 of the Math Notes. Complete using the exercise book, foolscap paper or write on the paper if you had printed it, only if you had not done so.
5)Complete the comment on "Personification", and show the breathing spots for the poem "Silver"

Important Reminders:

Read the book"Chinese Cinderella" by Wednesday. There will be a quiz on the book.

Do a research of logo design for ADMT, in general.

Prepare the slides for your own track and field sports.
(Black - Javelin, Green - High Jump, Yellow - Discus, Blue - Shot Put, Red - Hurdles)

Prepare the stretches for S&W class on Tuesday.

Prepare the cell model (hardcopy) and the presentation by Friday for Science. You will have to present it to the class, and the presentation should not exceed two minutes.

Please sign the  Dental Service Form / Student Data Management (SDM) form if you had not done so.

Update your information on if you had not done so. Do not Include HTTPS at the front as the website does not supports it. The ID is your NRIC number and the password is your NRIC number in capital letters, if you had not changed your password.

Remember to install the required software on your Macbook. More information can be found on the SST's Student Blog.

Required Software includes:

Epson - Direct Projection Software
Flip4Mac Player
Flash Player for Mac
Google Chrome
Google Earth
Graphmatics for Mac
Mathematica Player / Wolfram CDF Player
Math Magic LiteEquation Editor
VLC Player

Anything missed out, or something werid? Email me @ for more information.

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