Friday, 24 January 2014

Homework for the weekends( 24th to 26th)

Sorry Im late.....

Announcement: We have improved one the class deco ( We meaning Jia Jun Cheryl Mathilda Reesa and Afiq...) Do not be upset if you dislike our work.. we  only left at 5.15pm.. And we worked really hard.

Here's Your Weekend Special! :)

Chinese - Pg 12 go record ur voice reading share it in Google Drive 
  • Do page 1 to 11 of your WB
  • Do your SST introduction
English - Do your English Character Study and apply S.T.E.A.L. Framework.
            Go to :

Science - Finish up your science worksheet.

Math - Do Page 26 to 29 of Your Notes

ADMT - NIL [YAY! :)] Pardon my forgetfulness... We have to do the logo digitalising

IH - Finish up the compiling of Homework

Note! Sammi and Raviraj, Reesa and i respectively have your stuff (Sammi's Pencil Case and Water Bottle and Raviraj's Form)

Last but not least Have A Great Weekend :)


  1. I thought ADMT nid to do the virtual logo on the pixel thing.

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  3. Science worksheet? Is it the reference one? And I thought the Math got more than that?

  4. By the way, for HCL, there's the dictation for chapter 1

    1. Have meh? I thought mr tan say since it's CNY he wont give us dictation??

    2. Sam, its no "默写" I thought?

  5. "Weekend Special" sounds disgusting