Monday, 27 January 2014

Homework 27th January

Your Daily Homework :)

I&E  -  Do your Presentation in ur respective Groups

Higher Chinese - Do Pg 1- 11 of Workbook
                        The Presentation on SST
                       The video of You Reading

IH - Read Geography TB Chap 3 Pg 79 to83 
       Download 04 Tropical Rainforest from Google Sites

Math - Pg 33  Math notes Questions 1b and 1c

Sci - Do last page of Diffusion and Osmosis worksheet.

CE - Think of a Class Slogan

Bring Your Report book if You have yet to hand it in. 

Take Note:

     Please Come up with some suggestions of how the Class Committee Can    improve. Tell me if u Like this format or if I should change it and How. 
    Should we have a Swear Jar? ( If anyone breaks class rules, they will have to deposit $$ into the class funds....
Leave Your Comments Below :)

Adam and Raviraj - Bring Your Assement Form
Mathilda (thats Me!)- Bring Your CCA Form


  1. I want to have a class jar. It is better for the class, although it would be not that good for the swearing people...

  2. I approve of the Swear Jar Idea. When anyone breaks a rule, they will have to pay $0.10 . Like this we do not have two pay $2 every month.

  3. For HCL you forgot the activity book pg 1~11.

  4. BUt you see @JJ if no one breaks any rules we would not have funds for the month.

    1. Gene Yong, I think the money from the Jar will be put into class funds.

  5. I approve of the swear jar too!

  6. But we shall have to decide on how much to pay for swear jar... Maybe like $0.10 for small stuff (not bringing homework once or twice) but goes up to $2-3 max (bullying, Boy-Girl Relationship etc.). However, I think we should consult Ms. Andrea to see if she approves.

    1. In addition: The people being "fined" for the Jar of Doom needs to pay monthly funds too unless the person seriously doesn't have money.

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  8. Khairul, not that I have one or anything, but since when do we have a "Boy-Girl Relationship" rule? O_O

  9. Mat, the forms is written wrongly ...
    Its Adam, Raviraj and you who hasn't hand in the CCA form.
    Adam, himself only, has not handed in the assessment form :D
    Please change ASAP
    Thank you Mat <3