Monday, 13 January 2014

Important Details for the 13th of January, 2014( Term 1 Week 2)

Read the book"Chinese Cinderella" by Wednesday. There will be a quiz on the book.

Complete the comment on "Personification", and show the breathing spots for the poem "Silver".

Complete Example 3(c) on page 13 of the math notes. Write the working or answers either on the exercise book(recomended), foolscap paper(not recomended) or notebook. You do not need to give your work to Ms Goh for marking.

Complete as much of the Science worksheet as possible.

Prepare the cell model (hardcopy) and the presentation by Friday for Science. You will have to present it to the class, and the presentation should not exceed two minutes.

Higher Chinese Language( S1-04)
Higher Mother Tongue Pupils :Complete Page 2 of Textbook.

4)Art, Design, Media and Technology(ADMT):

Do a research of logo design for ADMT, in general.

5)Sports & Wellness(S&W):
Prepare the slides for your own track and field sports.
(Black - Javelin, Green - High Jump, Yellow - Discus, Blue - Shot Put, Red - Hurdles)

Prepare the stretches for S&W class on Tuesday.

6)Innovation and Entrepreneurship(I&E):


7)Integrated Humanities
Complete the whole Integrated Humanities eJournal on Chapter 1, including the picture / video and include the description.

8)Integrated Research Studies(IRS):


9)Infocomm and Communications Technology(ICT):


Matilda, Please refer to this and do this starting from tomorrow!

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Format last updated on the 13th of January, 2014.