Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Homework for 29Jan-2Feb

I am not sure if its ALL the work but I tried to list down the ones I've remembered ~

English :
1) The foolish cat & The nosey neighbour writing. ( 2 storys in 2 paragraphs on a sheet of foolscap paper. )
2) Corrections on Diagnostic test. ( Please remember to do it CORRECTLY, so that Miss Alex w ill not be angry :P )
Revise for Level Test (Week 8)

1) Record conversation on pg 12 of textboook
2) Promote SST on Keynote/Microsoft Powerpoint/Video/Etc.
Revise Chapter 1 for Level Test (Week 8)

CL :
{ I'm not sure... }

{ I'm not sure...}

ML :
{ I'm not sure... }

Mathematics :
1) Test on Math blog ( Please finish it before Tuesday, I think. )
{ Is there any others? }
Revise for Level Test (Week 8)

Science :
1) Worksheet (Friday)
2) Last page of previous worksheet (Tuesday)
Revise for Level Test (Week 8)

IH :
{ I'm not sure... }
Revise the topic for Tropical Rainforest

S&W :
1) Analyse worksheet to be done. (Tuesday)
2) Upload hurdles video on Blog (the 2 videos by Tuesday)
Train on physical (If you can :D)

Japanese (3rd Language) :
1) Online work to be done via MConline. (Thursday)
MUST revise Hiragana for Test in WEEK 6
( Week after CNY, which is on 6th February, and for me 7th :D )

1) Logo Design (By Week 5, Next week)

Adam - Assessment Form & CCA form {Not sure... :P}
Alefiya - Remember to do the recycling box for the Class :D

- Class Vice-Chairman, Tan You Yi
{ I apologise if I'm late because I thought Mathilda have updated the homework hours ago... Please pardon Mathilda and I :( }

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  1. way You yi so pro ah go put map homework
    but nice design

  2. Yes @Ethan, go to the students blog and find the link :D