Thursday, 16 January 2014

Just a short advertisement :)

Just a short note, to say I am holding printing services for those who needs the mind-map thing for English done but does not have a printer or simply dont have time.

The aim of this thing is actually to help mah fellow classmates save money with price reductions and also to save time and coming to me to help print rather going all the way to the printing service in school, wait long queues and finally pay a higher amount of money for printing. 

Another reason is also for me to make a little extra pocket money :3 After all, a bit of printer ink is required for the whole process right? Prices are as follows:

(Category 1) Any document that is 1-sided, does not require colour - 10¢
                                                   double-sided, does not require colour - 20¢
(Category 2) Any document that requires half/full page colour that is 1-sided - 30¢
                                                                                                   double-sided - 50¢
Custom Documents - Send me the document and I'll set on a price.

All documents in need of print can be sent to my email at Please attach your file along.

**IMPORTANT** Please label the subject of your email "INOP (category number)". Examples are [INOP 1], [INOP 2], [INOP Custom]. Unlabelled email will NOT be printed and would be considered as spam.

I hope Miss Andrea won't be angry at me because of this, just a little within-class business... :D
Thank you,
104 P. Printing Services Pte. Ltd.