Friday, 17 January 2014


Sorry if I am late.

Now presenting you, the weekend homework!

1)Complete mind map using IT software (Popplet / Mindnode) and print it out. It must include 6 points, they are: Posture, Breathing , Pitch, Tone, Pace and Articulation, with Communication being in the centre. Submit on Tuesday.

2)Reminder for Melodee: Report to S1-06 On Tuesday, 21 January 2014. The English Test starts at 2pm SHARP, so please be there earlier.

3)There will be a Chinese Cinderella Quiz posted on the English Blog during the weekends. Complete the quiz BY the weekends.

4)Please identify the breathing spots for Practice Paper 2. Identify letters that need to be articulated too,(p,b,t,d,k,s,th). 

1) Complete Page 20-23 of math notes. Write your answer on the lecture pad.
IMPORTANT: the homework is actually on page 20-21. Some of you see 20-21 as the math notes. Please take note. The page number that I am referring to is the page number at the bottom of the Math Notes.

1)Post the Presentation and the picture of the cell.

Research on the following:

1) Definition of 'United As One'
2) Images that represent United As One
3)Sports logo
eg. Olympic
Asean Games
4)SEA Games Logo (Singapore)
-Analyse the logo
-look for similarities / differences
What is the philospohy of the logo ?

Idea Generation
1)4 Ideas that illustrate United As One
2)4 Ideas sports logo linked to SEA Games
3)2 random ideas linked-to-theme and SEA games

Contact me @ my email for more information.


  1. our group is cancer cells.

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  3. for english you forgot pause

  4. Chinese Cinderella quiz is changed to be tested in class. (Pls check english blog for confirmation)

  5. Remember to also read the Integrated Humanities textbook.